Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sony 4K TV - Behind the scenes - Four times the detail

Very interesting video...not sure it's going get 4K going yet

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

AV Collaboration

AV Collaboration is all the buzz is the AV World. There are great product offerings for any end-user need.

Majority of these products are available with wireless connectivity to the desired display. 

This feature reduces cost and time on AV system implementation.

Check out some of AVC's offerings at:

Thursday, 7 November 2013


WOW....nice to see these massive corporations using their wealth of expertise, technology and resources for the poorer parts of the world.

Keep it up....Samsung

Read the whole article:

InAVate - Samsung harnesses solar power to deliver telemedicine in Africa

Friday, 6 September 2013

HDMI 2.0 officially announced: 18Gbps bandwidth - 4K video here we come

It has finally happened. We now have an HDMI standard that will handle 4K video - 3,840 x 2,160 resolution (2160p)

Interesting statement from
"HDMI 2.0 does not define new cables or new connectors. Current High Speed cables (Category 2 cables) are capable of carrying the increased bandwidth."

Check out the full article:

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Monday, 2 September 2013

New PTN Presentation Switcher - COMING Soon !!!

PTN will release a new HDBaseT presentation switcher in November 2013. This product deploys the latest HDBaseT Chipset technology by Valens.

3 x HDMI and 2 x VGA Inputs are scalable to various output resolutions and switched to a standard HDMI or HDMI over CAT6 (HDBaseT) output simultaneously. Analog VGA inputs are scaled/converted to digital.

Audio can be de-embedded from the HDMI inputs and sent to the stereo audio output for analog audio amplification. Audio can be embedded from the analog audio inputs on to the HDMI/HDBaseT outputs. This great for displays with HDMI only inputs.  A voice-over microphone input is available in standard line or phantom power input.

5 InfraRed output ports are available for control of auxiliary equipment via the IR input or RS232 ports. 

The HDBaseT output includes PoE (Power over Ethernet), this means the HDBaseT receiver does not require a power supply. The HDBaseT receiver can also send IR commands back to the switcher to control auxiliary equipment

PTN will follow up this product release with an HDBaseT Receiver with a built-in amplifier. This will reduce cabling runs to the speakers, as the receiver is generally positioned near the projector in/on the ceiling. All audio signals will be set via the HD BaseT CAT6 cabling

The analog sunset has begun, and PTN is showing that they are ready for these exciting times.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

AVC now supplies all Sony Projectors with a 5 Year Warranty

AVC now supplies the entire Sony Projector range with a five year warranty. This now compliments the 5 year warranties supplied standard with our Grandview, PTN and Powerlite products. 

For further information, please check out the following links: 

Pricing on the Sony Range is available on-line @

Thursday, 18 July 2013


A prototype display has been developed that allows viewers with stereo glasses to watch in 3D while others without the specs enjoy clear quality 2D images.The developments made by researchers at the University of California in Santa Cruz could lead to hybrid displays being produced as well as boosting the market for 3D enabled screens by making the technology more versatile. Students involved in the project are already looking to set up a company based on the technology.

Source: InAVate

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

AMX launches meeting room tool

AMX has unveiled Enzo, a tool to access, present and share information during meetings.

It can retrieve content from multiple locations including USB or cloud drives and web pages. Furthermore meeting participants can load files to a Dropbox folder and access in the meeting using a QR code. When the presentation is over the link to Dropbox is broken and the files are purged.

When meetings are over participants do not need to log out or wait for updates and the unit can be connected to an AMX control system for control and automation. 

InAVate - AMX launches meeting room tool

Monday, 20 May 2013

Best AV Commercial Dealer 2012

AVC was recognised by Audiosure as the best AV commercial dealer for 2012.

AVC supplies and integrates Audiosure's range of Projectors, Audio Products, Delegate Systems and Control Systems.

Audiosure; thanks for the diverse range and great support. We look forward to strengthening our partnership in the future.

Check out the following article from Pro Systems.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Grandview Motorised Projector Lift Control Info

Grandview GPCK-MB1000B Motorised Projector Lift Specifications  

 This lift can be controlled via RS485 or relay. The pinouts are shown on the graphic below.

Baud Rate: 2400 kps - Data Bits; 8, Start Bits: 1, Stop Bits: 1

The default RS485 HEX Commands are as follows:

Command for UP -       0xFF 0xEE 0xEE 0xEE 0xC9
Command for DOWN -  0xFF 0xEE 0xEE 0xEE 0xE9
Command for STOP -    0xFF 0xEE 0xEE 0xEE 0xCC

Multiple lifts can be connected on a single RS485 line/bus.

If this is done then each lift needs to have a unique address.

When power cycling the lift, for the first 10 seconds the lift will be in address learning mode.

Use the following command to set the address:

0xFF 0x** 0x** 0x** 0xAA, where ** will be your new address. 

IE: 0xFF 0x01 0xEF 0x02 0xAA

Thereafter all commands need to be changed with the new address. 

IE: Command for UP -       0xFF 0x01 0xEF 0x02 0xC9

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Optoma Adds Two EcoBright SSI Short-Throw Projectors

2500 lumen, lamp free projectors.....very interesting. Light source is rated to 20,000 hours. 

Looks like the brightness of these solid state illumination projectors is getting to the more acceptable levels. 

The issue at present will be price. looks like these units will be around 5 times the price of their lamp-type counterparts.

Lamp prices have dropped dramatically over the last few years, so comparing price versus lamp life, will show that the lamp-type projector with a 4000 hour rated lamp life, will need 4 additional lamps to the one SSI projector.

A Lamp-type projector and 4 additional lamps will work out to a very similar type pricing to the SSI models. 

At present the difference would be the reduced carbon footprint of the SSI projector and if you trust the specified 20,000 hour spec.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Pirates vs Chiefs - AVC Staff Event

On 9th March 2013, a whole bunch of AVC staff embarked on a unique staff function. We attended the biggest derby match in South Africa - Orlando Pirates vs Kaiser Chiefs. The match was held at Soccer City (venue of the FIFA World Cup Final 2010) with a sold out crowd of 90 000. The match ended in 0-0 draw, but AVC staff all had a great time and loads of fun.


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Crestron takes Microsoft Lync to the conference room

Crestron and Microsoft have announced the release of Crestron RL, a video-enabled collaboration tool for the meeting room.

It offers full Microsoft Lync 2013 functionality such as HD, multi-party video and collaboration capabilities like presenting Powerpoint, sharing desktops or applications, as well as interactive whiteboarding.

Meetings can be scheduled through its integration with Microsoft Outlook and can be joined via the touch screen console in the meeting room.

Crestron RL includes everything needed to deliver an enhanced communication and collaboration experience, such as the Crestron UC Codec for Lync, HD camera, microphone, 65” touch screen(s) and a 10” table-top touch screen.

InAVate - Crestron takes Microsoft Lync to the conference room

AVC - Going to new Heights

We will make any installation happen. Our customer wants to view their construction site remotely, and the best view would be from one of their tall cranes. Fortunately our experienced installers ain't scared of heights.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Jobs available @ AVC

Looking for a career in the exciting world of Audio Visual.

Check out our latest job offerings

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Extron Secure Tabletop Mounting Enclosure for iPad

Extron has recently released a new mounting solution for Apple's iPad. Great secure design.

The Extron TLM 100T is a secure tabletop mount designed for use with 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation iPads. The TLM 100T is the first secure iPad enclosure designed specifically for the professional AV market, and has several features that make it ideal for high-traffic areas where an iPad is running Extron control apps or is being used as a presentation video source. When locked in with the included security fasteners, the iPad is safeguarded against theft. The discrete cable management system allows iPad adapters and charging cables to be routed through the adjustable and removable base.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

40,000 lumen Projector Rig

Digital Projection has announced a rigging frame that combines two of its 20,000 lumen Titan Super Quad projectors.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Jobs available @ AVC

Looking for a job in the exciting world of Audio Visual. Check the following positions available:


An interactive media installation uses a Microsoft Kinect unit, Epson projector and studio monitors to allow users to manipulate audio and video content by pushing a stretched sheet of spandex. Firewall, created by Mike Allison and Aaron Sherwood, was based on a performance piece that will premiere in June 2013 and contains a scene where dancers press into the spandex with the audience facing the other side.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Barco acquires majority share in projectiondesign

projectiondesign, the Norway based leader in high performance projection, announced today that Barco has acquired 61% of its shares from private equity fund Herkules Capital. The remaining shares of projectiondesign are held by minority shareholders.

This could be very interesting, especially when you consider that some of the best projection designers and engineers are employed by projectiondesign. Expect some very interesting developments from these two brands in the near future.

IBM's Future Predictions on Cognitive Computing

The goal of cognitive computing is to get a computer to behave, think and interact the way humans do. In 5 years, machines will emulate human senses, each in their own special way. Every year IBM makes predictions about 5 technology innovations that stand to change the way we live within the next 5 years. See all IBM 5 in 5 predictions at

WOW...WOW...WOW...computers are really taking over