Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Grandview Motorised Projector Lift Control Info

Grandview GPCK-MB1000B Motorised Projector Lift Specifications  

 This lift can be controlled via RS485 or relay. The pinouts are shown on the graphic below.

Baud Rate: 2400 kps - Data Bits; 8, Start Bits: 1, Stop Bits: 1

The default RS485 HEX Commands are as follows:

Command for UP -       0xFF 0xEE 0xEE 0xEE 0xC9
Command for DOWN -  0xFF 0xEE 0xEE 0xEE 0xE9
Command for STOP -    0xFF 0xEE 0xEE 0xEE 0xCC

Multiple lifts can be connected on a single RS485 line/bus.

If this is done then each lift needs to have a unique address.

When power cycling the lift, for the first 10 seconds the lift will be in address learning mode.

Use the following command to set the address:

0xFF 0x** 0x** 0x** 0xAA, where ** will be your new address. 

IE: 0xFF 0x01 0xEF 0x02 0xAA

Thereafter all commands need to be changed with the new address. 

IE: Command for UP -       0xFF 0x01 0xEF 0x02 0xC9

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