Monday, 2 September 2013

New PTN Presentation Switcher - COMING Soon !!!

PTN will release a new HDBaseT presentation switcher in November 2013. This product deploys the latest HDBaseT Chipset technology by Valens.

3 x HDMI and 2 x VGA Inputs are scalable to various output resolutions and switched to a standard HDMI or HDMI over CAT6 (HDBaseT) output simultaneously. Analog VGA inputs are scaled/converted to digital.

Audio can be de-embedded from the HDMI inputs and sent to the stereo audio output for analog audio amplification. Audio can be embedded from the analog audio inputs on to the HDMI/HDBaseT outputs. This great for displays with HDMI only inputs.  A voice-over microphone input is available in standard line or phantom power input.

5 InfraRed output ports are available for control of auxiliary equipment via the IR input or RS232 ports. 

The HDBaseT output includes PoE (Power over Ethernet), this means the HDBaseT receiver does not require a power supply. The HDBaseT receiver can also send IR commands back to the switcher to control auxiliary equipment

PTN will follow up this product release with an HDBaseT Receiver with a built-in amplifier. This will reduce cabling runs to the speakers, as the receiver is generally positioned near the projector in/on the ceiling. All audio signals will be set via the HD BaseT CAT6 cabling

The analog sunset has begun, and PTN is showing that they are ready for these exciting times.

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  1. what an exciting addition to the range! this is going to really simplify installations