Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Optoma Adds Two EcoBright SSI Short-Throw Projectors

2500 lumen, lamp free projectors.....very interesting. Light source is rated to 20,000 hours. 

Looks like the brightness of these solid state illumination projectors is getting to the more acceptable levels. 

The issue at present will be price. looks like these units will be around 5 times the price of their lamp-type counterparts.

Lamp prices have dropped dramatically over the last few years, so comparing price versus lamp life, will show that the lamp-type projector with a 4000 hour rated lamp life, will need 4 additional lamps to the one SSI projector.

A Lamp-type projector and 4 additional lamps will work out to a very similar type pricing to the SSI models. 

At present the difference would be the reduced carbon footprint of the SSI projector and if you trust the specified 20,000 hour spec.


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