Tuesday, 8 November 2011

MobiShow - Great Wireless Option for your projector

There have been wireless connection options (display and network) for multimedia projectors, for quite sometime. Could it be possible to do something different ?

Mobishow has given us a product that is in touch with the SmartPhone / Tablet revolution. Other than connecting wireless from a PC/Notebook, you can now connect from your iPhone, Blackberry or Android SmartPhones - Very cool. 

You do require a Mobishow "receiver" device, like the MS-200 (http://www.awindinc.com/mobishow/products/) or the tiny WPS2-Dongle (http://avshop.co.za/product.php?id_product=107). These both connect to your projector.

The Phone Application has a cool function that converts Powerpoint files, keeping original transitions and animation effects etc. The Media function allows Video to be sent directly from the Phone to the projector.

The Mobishow app. is available for free download

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